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Alan Purvis - Photographer
Alan Purvis - Photographer
Criss Cross Creations
Phone 0419 678 180


We're proud to announce that Alan was a finalist in the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) 
QLD Awards 2010.

The ABIA awards is one of the most prestigious bridal industry award programs in Australia...
it's voted by real customers, 
instead of other photographers.

For more information on the ABIA Awards,
or to place your vote for Criss Cross Creations...
visit www.abia.com.au.

Hervey Bay Ultimate Kitchens
In recent times, Hervey Bay Ultimate Kitchens contracted Criss Cross Creations to create their logo, webpage and business cards. They wanted us to give them a more appropriate image that truly reflects the level of quality they provide... their website is...


For your ultimate choice in custom kitchens and cabinetry... call Mat Kruger now on
0447 121 067




Criss Cross Creations specialises in Graphic Design and Digital Photography.

With significant experience in the arts, photography and computing, 
Alan can assist with just about any job in this technology driven world, which also requires the skills of a creative artist / photographer. 

Alan has a bachelors degree in Information Techology, and more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Alan's experience in IT combined with his range of artistic skills, make him an excellent choice for website design.

For more information about Alans Computer and IT services, 
please visit his other website... 

Graphic Design
Website Design
Digital Retouching
Portrait Photography
Wedding Photography
Real Estate Photography
Landscape Photography
Business Profiles
Events Photography

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services include just about anything you could think of... 
Logo Design,
Business Cards, 
Letter Heads, Flyers, 
Brochures and much more. 

We'll give you a complete service 
from the design process, all the way through to printing.

Some recent logos...

Call now to arrange you obligation free consultation.

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Website Design

We offer an extensive range in website deisgn and development options... 
We can provide a choose of custom designed websites 
or content managment systems (eg Wordpress),
with beautiful graphics, photography and animations?

We can offer lower priced template options or a fully customised site... 
it's your choice.

Call now to arrange you obligation free quote.

Recent Websites

Hervey Bay Ultimate Kitchens

Lisa Klein Makeup

AlsTec Computer Services

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Digital Retouching and Arrangements

Do you have some old photos on your wall,
that you'd like to have a fresh new look?

Then contact us now to see what we can do for you... 
We've helped many people give their homes a fresh new look 
by replacing old, rundown, faded or scratched photos
with new, vibrant, stylishly arranged canvases or prints...

Take a look below at some of the amazing transformations 
we've acheived for our customers...

Three generations of historical baby photos,
all scanned, retouched and arranged onto a huge canvas print 1.5m wide.

Five sets of wedding photos 
all scanned, retouched and arranged into five separate arrangements.

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Portrait Photography

Our portrait photography clients are nearly always surprised 
at just how enjoyable the photo shoot is. 

Most people come expecting to sit in a cramped studio waiting for the photographer to go "CHEEEEEESE", and only to get to the viewing a few weeks later to find out that none of the photos really captured those special looks that they were hoping for.

At Criss Cross Creations we do things a little differently... 
instead of cramping the family into a tiny studio set, we head outside into a more natural environment and create some really fun times. 

The result is natural smiles in all the photos... 
you don't need to be told to smile, because you're already smiling (or even laughing in many cases). It's much better for everybody and a lot more fun.

Alan will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you don't miss any of those perfect moments... If you have questions about makeup, clothing, locations or times, Alan can answer them... 

For your obligation free consultaton, call Alan now on 0419 678 180.

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Wedding Photography
(limited availability)

To avoid agrivating an existing lower back injury, 
Alan is no longer offering wedding photography services
to the general public.

However, under some exceptional circumstances he may still consider them. 
, if you would still like Alan to consider photographing your wedding, 
then please call him on 0419 678 180

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Real Estate Photography

Weather you're a builder, renovator or 
just someone trying to sell your home and make it look it's very best... 
you should consider hiring a professional photographer.

There's more to photographing a house, room or renovation than just pulling out your camera or smartphone and going "click"... aside from the actual photographic techniques such as composition and lighting, you also need to consider where the photos are going to be published... internet, email, printed material... etc etc.

All of these destinations require an understanding of colour profiling, pixel density, file types and file compression... just to name a few. If you don't know what these terms mean then you should strongly consider giving me a call. 

For samples of my work, please click on the following link to see the 
website of a hervey bay kitchen manufacturer...

Hervey Bay Ultimate Kitchens

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Landscape Photography

Are you looking that perfect photo for your wall... something which brings a feeling of peace, quietness or tranquility to your room?

Well look no further... Alan has been busy building a collection of beautiful photographs from all over the country, including Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

You can order his prints in almost any size, mounted or unmounted, 
framed or unframed... take a look at our online shop 
or call to arrange to come and see us in person.

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Business Profiles

If you own a business then you might also want to profile it.

"What is profiling?" you may ask?

Well, we come to take photos of you, your staff and your office... 
and maybe even your favorite clients or products.

The photos are then delivered on CD for you to use as you please...
in promotional material such as 
websites, brochures, posters, stationary etc etc.

Build your business profile, with some professional photos.
Call Alan now of 0419 678 180.

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Printing and Mounting

Tired of dealing with printing labs who don't treat you like a valued customer?

Well, we can offer you a complete list of solutions from printing a letter head or business card, through to huge posters, canvases or block mounted prints on your wall.

Let us know your needs and we'll make sure we solve it for you.

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make your precious moments last a lifetime...

call Alan now on 

0419 678 180


If there's something you need,
thats not listed here...

Whether it's photographic, design related,
or maybe something completely different?

Call Alan now 
to find out if he can help you.

Many of our customers come 
through unexpected opportunities... 
That is, someone needs something 
and wonders if we can help them... 
a simple phone call helped them 
to realise their ideas 
and see them turn into reality.

phone :: 0419 678 180
email :: info@crisscrosscreations.com.au
website :: www.crisscrosscreations.com.au
location :: Hervey Bay, QLD. 4655


Click here to go to our Online Shop

If you're looking for that perfect piece of photography for your wall, or hoping for a special gift for a friend or family member... then look no further. Alans online shop consists of some of the most stunning landscape photography from the Fraser Coast region.

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